The Learning Corner

You can find more information about square dancing calls. The links will help you on your journey to learn to square dance.

Square Dance Call Definitions and Animations as found here are called Taminations. This labor of love was created by Brad Christie of the Tam Twirlers Square Dance Club and thus the name, Taminations. This is a valuable resource for learning the definitions of the calls and watching the animation to see the movement flow for each dancer. Give the website a moment to load as there is a lot of data. What is even more useful to many of us now is that there is an app for this. You can search on your Android or IOS device in their software stores for 'Taminations' and you can have it with you anywhere you go. Once loaded, it does not need internet access to run. It will have periodic updates as most apps do and the application is free of charge.

The Callerlab organization is the keeper of all things square dancing. Click here to go to their site and explore the history of square dancing. Under their Dance Programs tab, you will see all of the categories of calls from the very beginning level to the most advanced level. This is the place where all callers around the world look for their information.

Since Finest City Squares is a gay square dance club, we are part of a large organization also, called the IAGSDC or International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs. We also have some stylings that are unique to all gay clubs. Since these are not official from Callerlab, these are taught only in the gay clubs. Many people from non-gay clubs like the stylings we use so these make it even more fun to dance with us. Most of the clubs are in the U.S. but there are a few in other countries. To learn more about gay square dancing, click to go to the IAGSDC website.