San Diego's
City Squares
Welcomes You

Our club dances in the War Memorial building in Balboa Park north of the San Diego Zoo on Zoo Drive Wednesday evenings. Click on the Club Schedule link on the left for more details and directions.

San Diego's Finest City Squares is a square dance club serving the lesbian and gay community in the San Diego area, though all dancers are encouraged to join us.

Casual dress is permitted at all of our functions and partners are not required to dance with us.

Our club has an annual picnic and organizes other social events throughout the year such as hiking, movie theaters and live theater. Check out our social media links for pictures and details of some of these events.

Contact: Finest City Squares

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***** Happy 2022 *****


See the new schedule below

The City and Balboa Park have changed their policy about facemasks and they are now optional for anyone who is vaccinated so that applies to anyone at our club dances.


Covid-Related Reopening Guidelines (Condensed)

For the Safety of ALL of Us

1. Everyone present in our dance room must show proof of being fully vaccinated, including non-dancers and visitors, No Exceptions.

2. Everyone present must be fully vaccinated but wearing a facemask is now optional. We will provide hand sanitizer.

3. We will check for signs of illness when you arrive.

4. At this time, we will not serve food of any kind, but you may bring your own.

5. Ask for permission to hug anyone after a dance tip has concluded.

6. You need not be a member to attend.

7. These guidelines may change in the future, but are in place until further notice. Our auditorium has excellent natural open-air cross-ventilation so we believe the environment is more conducive to dancing under these conditions.

From 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm we will have Plus dancing. From 8:30 to 9:30 we will have Advanced dancing. Thank you to all our Angels helping our newer dancers at all levels. The dances are $5 per week for club members and $6 for all others.