Spin Cycle Squares Yahoo Group


International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs

The primary parent organization for worldwide LGBTA square dancing, includes club and major events listings as well as other links.

Emerald Empire Area Council

The local area council of the state federation, includes information about other local dancing events and clubs.

Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs

The state federation of clubs, includes information about square and round dancing throughout Oregon.

Gay Square Dance Groups

Rosetown Ramblers

The Basic through Plus level LGBTA dance club in Portland, Oregon. There is also the Heads to the Center club for Advanced levels but they donít have a web page currently.

Puddletown Dancers

The GLBTA club located in Seattle, Washington.

Wilde Bunch

The GLBTA club located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Desert Valley Squares

The GLBTA club located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Square Dance Resources

Tam Twirlers Taminations

A set of animations provided by the Tam Twirlers Square Dance Club. It covers Basic, Mainstream, Plus, Advanced, C1, C2, and C3A. Some calls such as Backtrack are not shown but the majority of each level is present.

Animated Square Dance Definitions

Created by Mr. Hiroshi Yaoko of the Japan Square Dance Association, this very useful site helps provide visualizations for dance calls. It covers Basic, Mainstream, and Plus only.

The Square Dance Travel Guide

The Travel Guide lists square dance clubs that welcome lesbian and gay square dancers. This includes clubs that are members of the IAGSDC, clubs that target lesbian and gay dancers but that are not members of the IAGSDC, and non-gay clubs that welcome lesbian and gay dancers.

Vic and Debbie Cederís Square Dance Resources

An extremely useful resource filled with call definitions, frequently asked questions, clubs and caller information, and choreography sets.


A large informative site produced for the general square dance community.

Eugene PRIDE Day

We can be found at each yearís celebration