About Gay Square Dancing

Gay Square Dancing

How does gay square dancing differ from straight square dancing? While the basic calls are the same, there are several differences. First, you don’t need to have a partner (many straight clubs only accept couples). You have the choice of whether to be a lead or a follow (in most straight clubs your role is fixed by your gender.) There’s more flair, more styling, much more energy. Put another way – a lot more fun! (and it’s not just us that think that — sometimes when dancing with straight club members they start adopting our styling!)

Modern Western Square Dancing


Callerlab Call Definitions

For very detailed definitions of square dance calls, you can consult the CALLERLAB web site. This is an excellent resource for student dancers.

Square Dancing App & Website

Taminations is a website that animates and explains how to dance each move in square dancing and provides the formal definitions. There are both iOS and Android apps available too…

Video Square Dancing Lessons

This is VERY old fashioned straight square dancing lessons but it’s very helpful for beginners


Gender is a Construct Do-Si-Do is a very humorous take on gay square dancing and political correctness


Basic – 51 calls
Mainstream – 18 calls
Plus – 31 calls
A1 – 46 calls
A2 – 35 calls
C1 – 79 calls
C2 – 86 calls
C3A – 83 calls
After completing one level, some people start to learn the next level, some choose to learn the opposite role and some just stay at the level they’re at.