Try Gay Square Dancing for Free!

Two left feet? No partner? No rhythm? NO PROBLEM!

Join us for a free introduction to Gay Square Dancing at Jack Purcell Community Centre (320 Jack Purcell Lane), Room 202 from 6:30pm-8:45pm on September 26.

All ages, all genders, all sexual orientations. Single or partnered. Dress code is casual but wear comfortable shoes, come with a positive attitude and be ready to have a great time!


High Energy


Gay Square Dancing is a very social activity and you’re just about guaranteed to make lots of new friends through dancing. Square dancing involves using your whole body in coordinated movements that will help you burn calories, improve muscle tone and memory in a high-energy and fun environment. Music is how we keep the beat and keep in time with others. We dance to lots of modern music but we also dance to classic styles too.

Come hear for yourself how!

 No Partner Required


 Dress Code



 Our group is composed of singles and couples but most of us prefer to switch up who we dance with from one dance to the next.

If you prefer to stay with one partner throughout, that’s totally okay with us too.

 Traditionally square dancers have worn fancy and colourful outfits and many in the straight clubs still do but we don’t follow that tradition.

We prefer being comfortable in our casual clothes; though some of us occasionally dress up a bit for special events.

 The Date Squares welcomes everyone regardless of race, age, gender or sexual orientation.

It is important to us that LGBTQ+ individuals feel comfortable and welcome when you dance with us.


The Ottawa Date Squares welcomes new dancers every September. Come join us!

Gay Square Dancing in Ottawa!

The Ottawa Date Squares is a Gay square dancing club, located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

While most of our members are gay not all are and we welcome all — especially those that like lively energetic dancing!

We are proud members of the IAGSDC (International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs), and EOSARDA (Eastern Ontario Square And Round Dance Association).

To be kept up to date on club events please follow us on Facebook or Twitter and check us out on Instagram.