Our dances – usually on Saturday nights – offer a chance to dance to guest callers and practice what has been learned in class. Dances are always open to non-members and visitors who have completed the appropriate CALLERLAB-based course for the level that they plan to dance. And, as always, the dress code is casual!

We also encourage non-dancers to come watch the fun and to learn more about the club and square dancing to see if they want to join the next series of classes.


Throughout the year, gay square dance clubs all over the US and Canada sponsor multi-day events (usually 3-days) called fly-ins. These fly-ins offer more dancing than a single dance and typically offer workshops and creative sessions to help expand on square dancing principles.

Our fly-in,  Promenade Down Peachtree (PDP), is held over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend. PDP 2020, " Roar into the Twenties ", will be held January 17th - 19th, 2020.

Other IAGSDC Fly-Ins

The International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs (IAGSDC) maintains a list of other club fly-ins that occur throughout the year. See their Event List.


The IAGSDC supports gay and lesbian Modern Western Square Dance (MWSD) clubs worldwide, including the United States, Canada and Japan.

IAGSDC 2019 Convention: Belles Run, July 4 - 7, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Other Conventions

Our club enjoys a warm welcome at both the Georgia and Tennessee State Square Dance Conventions.


Want a great way to claim a tax deduction and help support Hotlanta Squares and PALS (Pets Are Loving Support) at the same time? Play bingo!

Each year in the fall Hotlanta Squares plays bingo with PALS as a fundraiser. If you can't come to the event, it's not a problem. We'll play your cards for you!

If you win, we'll keep half and send you half. Some people donate their winnings back to PALS; so, if that is what you would like us to do with your half, just let us know.

Hotlanta Squares will appreciate your support either way.


We also encourage our members to visit and dance with area square dance clubs such as:

The Wheel Arounds

The Kennesaw Square Dealers

Advanced Workshop with Ace McGee
2nd and 4th Saturday from 1:00 – 3:00 pm
Phone: 864-226-2834
Interested dancers may have their name added to the email correspondence by emailing Jay Sargent at

Chattahoochee Country Dancers